Speakers & Panelists – Mr. Yasunao Takano

Mr. Yasunao Takano
Director Executive Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, HIOKI E.E Corporation

Mr. Yasunao Takano joined HIOKI E.E. Corporation in 1985 and has since held various leadership positions in the company. In 2001, he was appointed President of HIOKI USA Corporation, a sales subsidiary in the United States, where he successfully expanded the company’s market presence.
Recognizing his exceptional leadership skills and expertise in foreign sales, he was appointed Executive Officer and General Manager of Foreign Sales Department in 2008. He then served as General Manager of Corporate Planning Department in 2012 and General Affairs Department in 2013. During his tenure in these departments, he streamlined internal processes, enhanced the company’s financial performance, and improved customer satisfaction.
In recognition of his contributions, Mr. Takano was appointed General Manager of Product Marketing Department in 2016, where he drove the development and marketing of innovative products that met the evolving needs of customers. He was then appointed Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in 2021 and subsequently became a Director of the company, reflecting his proven track record and commitment to excellence.
As CMO, Mr. Takano oversees the sales division of the HIOKI E.E. Corporation Group, leading a team of professionals to achieve the company’s growth objectives. With his extensive experience and insights, he has demonstrated his leadership to the fullest extent, consistently delivering outstanding results and driving the company’s success.
Overall, Mr. Takano is a respected leader and accomplished executive who has contributed significantly to the growth and success of HIOKI E.E. Corporation



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